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What do you think of the way I RP? All feedback is very much appreciated! Comment screening is on, by the way.
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▼ Fattycakes/Billy [ OC ]
Birthday: February 14th
Astrology Sign: Aquarius
Soul Arcana: The Sun
Unlucky Arcana: The Tower , The Fool, Death & The Moon
String Color: [#91FF85]

▼ Personality Snapshot
A fuzzy little beam of sunshine, Fattycakes is determined to puu buu about as much of Hinoto-Ri as he can.

▼ Visual
▶ [ Puffski form]
▶ [Human form]

▼ Profile
▶ [Application]
▶ [HMD]
▶ [Inbox / Phone Post]
▶ [Persona information in comments.]
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Hello! You've reached Fattycakes, or Billy. Please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Puu buu!

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Hello! You've reached Fattycakes, or Billy. I'm probably puu buuing around right now, so please leave a message and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Puu buu! *BEEP*
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Do you want a quick thread with Fattycakes? Then feel free to post here! Be sure to let me know what kind of post it is, though- action, voice, or text. Put that in the subject line, please.
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This is just general information on Puffskis so you know where Fattycakes is coming from. This has been slightly revamped from its older version.

What is a Puffski? Find out below the cut! )
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[Luceti's resident Puffski is on screen once again. He tilts from side to side, then gives a small hop to center himself.]

Hiiii, everybody! This is Fattycakes. I've got a question for the people who went on that draft a little bit ago. I wanna know: what happened on the draft? I love stories, even stories of battles. Please tell me a few!

Also! Is anyone feeling sad recently? I would think that a lot of people would feel sad after the draft... so... I want to cheer you up! I'm offering my services as a therapy puu buu! I may not understand everything, but you can talk to me about whatever you want! And you can pet me, too. That might help you a bit.

That's all I've got to say for now. Bye bye, and I look forward to hearing from all of you!
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[Luceti's resident puffball is on the screen today, wearing the red sweater (arms noticeably missing) that he received for Christmas. Today, he has an announcement for everyone...]

Puu! Hello, Luceti! Fattycakes is here with an im-puu-tant announcement!

My Buuday- um, birthday is coming up soon! February 14th is my birthday. Well, actually, it's the day I met my best friend, but that's when I celebrate my birthday, because... I don't know when Mama made me, actually.

But that's only part of the important part! Do any of you know how to put a party together? I want to have a nice birthday party, but I don't know where to start. Also, I'd need people with arms and legs to help me gather all the food and get me to the place where we're holding the party, so we need to think of that too.

So, in short, I want to throw a birthday party, and I need your help! Let me know if you can help, or if you have any ideas. Oh, and everyone is going to be invited! I want a big, happy celebration, puu buu!
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[Fattycakes wasn't terribly surprised at first to hear a ruckus outside of his hut this morning. This was the hut just north of the south bridge, so he'd hear people walking over the bridge and talking to each other every once in a while. This, however, seemed downright unusual. When he exited the hut and saw the crowd of people...]

Wow! Puu buu! Puu buu! So many people! Hi, hi, new people!

[Not even caring if he got stepped on, he scooted off towards the crowd, prepared to bump people's ankles for attention. This was going to be fun!]
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[When the video feed begins, Fattycakes is not on the screen. His voice can still be heard, though.]

Hi, everybody! Did you all have fun during Halloween? I know I did, what with the corn maze and our nice visitors! But there's something I want to show you guys. I went to the end of the corn maze, and I found something neat! Just one moment...

[Now Fattycakes scoots onto the screen. He is wearing a small toga and a laurel wreath.]

Ta-daa! I am Buulius Caesar! I don't know if many of you know who he is, but I know he's some kind of historical figure from my friend's world. I think I might wear this costume around a bit, even though Halloween is already past. I like how it looks! Do you like it? Puuuuuu? [He leans into the camera, then pulls away.]

Did you guys do anything neat for Halloween?
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[The camera is centered on Luceti's resident puffball. He looks puzzled, or at least as puzzled as something like him can look. He begins to speak.]

Puu... Hi, everybody. Seems like some scary things have been going on... Everyone was walking around with these cards before and talking about how they'd lost their memory. I was fine, but I was scared, so I kind of just hid in my huts the whole time. Is everyone alright? You guys didn't do anything too dangerous, did you? Do you all have your memories back? Were you scared, too? Tell me a bit about what happened.

Also... has anyone seen Norma-puu? I haven't seen her since the Masquerade ball... she was dressed really pretty at that time, puu. I'd like to play with her again soon.
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Hi, everybody! I heard about the new people coming in today... I can't say I understand all of it, but it sounds like they're coming from a bad place. I hope they like it here!

Something's kind of weird about them, though. A little boy came over and started to play with me. He was picking me up, petting me, asking me questions, things like that. Then a lady yelled at him and he ran away! What was with that, huh?! That wasn't very nice! Why would she yell at the boy just for playing with me...?

Oh, another weird thing happened, too. A man who appeared to be in a hurry ran by... and he kicked me! He punted me like I was a puffy puuball! I'm sure it was an accident, but he wouldn't answer me when I scooted after him and asked him to say sorry!

So, what I want to ask is... what's with these new people? Why are they so... um... mean? They seem awfully on edge.
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[All of the journals are suddenly treated to a bizarre noise from a childlike voice.]


[There's the sound of something hitting the ground, and then a "puu-puu-puu-puu" as the thing bounces. Following that is the sound of scuttling, and then finally Fattycakes uses words that are not puu.]

Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! I can't get in my huts! Buuuuuuuuu! Every time I go through the door, I fall somewhere else! Someone help me or do something, please! Is this happening to anyone else? Buu-buuuuuu!

[He sounds oh-so-frantic and stressed out. Poor little puu buu.]
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[A high-pitched, almost cartoony-cute voice comes out from the journal. Fattycakes records his first journal entry where he woke up, some distance away from the village. He doesn't seem to be aware that others can hear the recording, however.]

Puu! Hello! This thing has a record button, so I guess it's recording! Yoo-puu! Yuppuu, I think it's working!

So... Hello, strange new diary! My name is Fattycakes, and instead of going home, I seem to have ended up in a new world! A new world where I have wings and can talk to humans! I'm excited to be able to talk to humans! Normally all I could do is puu and buu, but now people can understand me!

And wings! They are fluffy and white! I want to be able to fly, buu! But they kind of hurt right now... maybe I'll wait to try and fly later.

I see a village... that seems like the perfect place to scoot to next! With my new talking power, it'll be easy to ask the humans where I am! So, I will be scooting off to the village now! I'll tell you what I find there later, new diary! Bye-bye!
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